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What we do

The company aims at working for the preservation and conservation of the hill folk music. The Himalayan Films intends to promote local talent. The Himalayan Films is planning to release one number per month. The Company has signed many young artists and is looking for new talent.

What we do:
  • Uttarakhand Folklore Exploration & Promotion
  • Talent Search
  • Talent Promotion
  • Song Compositions & Audio Cassettes & CD's
  • Video Songs, Video Albums, Video CD's
  • Film Productions
  • Theme based Production
  • Promote Folk Tourism
  • Recording of Songs of various Uttarakhandi folk Singers.
  • Releasing recorded songs in audio (cassttes+CD) forms.
  • Shooting of recorded songs for video formats.
  • Keeping in view our rich cultural heritage and regional boundaries while making videos to have quality products.
  • Making documentary videos and films based on local issued and hill culture.
  • Providing strong platform to the local talents.
  • Marketing our products to a maximum extent.
  • Exploring possibility of employment to local youth.

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