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Awards and Achievements

During just a very small tenure of around 3 years, Himalayan Films have made its brand name in the music industry of Uttarakhand. This is because of our quality albums and keeping in view our culture and regional boundaries. It is our endeavour to release only those albums or films, which reflect our cultural heritage and leaves a deep impression in the minds of the viewers.

Participation in IITF, 2010

Himalayan Films had participated in India International Trade Fair, 2010 at Pragati Maidanm New Delhi in Uttarakhand Pavilion organized by state Government from 14th – 27th November, 2010. Thousands of Uttarakhandi people visited our stall each day and appreciated our products for its quality and giving for entire regional touch and flavour.

VIPs visited the stall include the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand – Dr. Ramesh Pokhiriyal and other prominent Uttarakhandi leaders such as Satpal Manaraj, Tarun Vijay etc. and they appreciated our efforts. Never any music company participated in IIFT so far.

Uttarakhandi Cine Award

Young Uttarakhand Club, organized Uttarakhandi Cine Award function for the year 2010 at Sri Fort Auditorium, Delhi on 20th Feb, 2011. Himalayan Films have got 10 awards out of 15 in various categories as below:

  1. Best Film - Yaad Aali Tehri
  2. Best Actor - Madan Duklan for Yaad Aali Tehri
  3. Best film Director - Anuj Joshi for Yaad Aali Tehri
  4. Best Cinematographer - Jaidev Bhattacharya for Yaad Aali Tehri
  5. Best Music album - Salanya Syali
  6. Best Music Director - Narendra Singh Negi for Salanya Syali
  7. Best Lyricist - Narendra Singh Negi for Binsari Kee Bela..
  8. Best album Director - Kishan Mahipal for Semanya Bhouji
  9. Best Singer - Kishan Mahipal for Semanya Bhouji
  10. Best comic role - Ramesh Rawat for film - Gullu

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